How Buzzer works

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Businesses need feedback

Buzzer informs managers, driving sales

Measure Staff Performance

The dashboard provides performance rankings which can be used to incentivise staff for better overall service

Respond to Feedback in Real Time

As feedback is updated in realtime, businesses can get early warnings about problems as and when they first arise.

Know Your Customers

Find out where your customers come from and what they think about your business on the dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Premium service allows managers to view every breakdown of the data that customers have been put into the app:

  • Tailor the questions and the rewards to suit your business, premium customers can ask more questions and don’t have to stick to a template set of questions

  • See the customer map and know the area where your customers live

  • View the results filtered by age, gender, time of day, proximity of customer’s home and many more options

  • Get the full staff-performance breakdown to keep track of progress

  • View individual reviews and filter by any category to get a deep insight into the minds of your customers

No, the feedback that your restaurant receives is for your eyes only.

Not at all! This app can be applied to any business looking to engage customers. Retail outlets can use the app to measure staff performance, tidiness of shop floors, attractiveness of displays and customer opinions regarding the range of items on offer. Event managers can survey those attending to improve decision-making during and after the event – perhaps in planning the next one!

Our dashboard is extremely flexible and ready to deploy in any of these applications: get in touch to find out more.

This comes down to how well both staff and customers are incentivised. When staff are highly motivated (as their tips are dependent on the number and quality of the responses they get) and the reward on offer to the customer is good (say a discount on the final bill), restaurants can get up to 10% of customers responding.

The aim for every business on the app should be a 5% response rate.

Managers enter the names of the staff on the dashboard. Customers are asked to choose the member of staff who served them at the beginning of each survey which means that the answers thereafter are linked to that member of staff. Our league table is calculated as the number of surveys that each member of staff received multiplied by their average NPS score.

A Net Promotor Score is calculated by the answer to the question “How likely is it that you would recommend [brand] to a friend or colleague?” This is answered on a scale ranging from 1 – 10.

The reason an NPS score is so important is that, if your organization’s NPS is higher than those of your competitors, you will likely outperform the market. Furthermore, managing your organization to improve NPS will also improve your business performance.

There are a number of rewards that we recommend but the reward you offer will directly affect the number of people who are willing to take the survey:

  • A free drink or after-meal coffee: This is the minimum option in terms of cost to the restaurant. As it is an immediate reward, it should suffice for receiving a good amount of responses

  • A discount off the bill: This is the strongest incentivisation for the customer as it is real money that they are saving immediately. Of course this represents a higher cost to the business but that will be traded off with a much better use of the app. Of course, you could always give wait-staff a limit on the number of surveys they get per day to limit cost.

  • A delayed discount: This is the manager’s favourite reward as it drives repeat custom. For customers, however, this is the weakest of the three general options as it involves delayed reward.

Of course, tailored rewards may give different outcomes, for example a free scoop of ice cream in an ice cream parlour is a very enticing reward and will get a large number of survey responses. Get in touch with us to discuss tailored reward options.

If you fill in your details on the website and give us a call on our contact number, getting the app set up in your restaurant could take as little as 5 minutes!